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CV storage for LinkedIn (OneDrive/GoogleDrive/DropBox)

Nowadays, we're living in 21 century, and sending CV via email seems to be as ancient as sharing games via diskettes. In this very case, I'd like to share my CV via LinkedIn and make it nice, shiny and downloadable. Definitely, we want to share a PDF, because all those DOCs/DOCXs can have a format shifts when opened at some specific devices.

LinkedIn - Upload file

So, lets try the most naive way first: upload PDF to LinkedIn profile directly. Go to profile editing, add Summary section, click Add, select Upload file and upload your CV.

Good point is that it has a nice looking preview at the main page:

Bad news is that it is looking quite blurry and there's no direct download link for PDF:

Lets see what we can achieve with OneDrive/GoogleDrive/DropBox.


As i had worked a lot with Windows Phone, the first technology i'm going to try is OneDrive.
If to upload a PDF, we can see that it is quite blurry either:

After some googling, i had figured out that there's a problem with OneNote's PDF renderer. As it was recommended at ms.answers, Google Drive would deal easily with those PDFs.

Google Drive

So, lets upload out PDF to the GoogleDrive and see what we will get:
PDF itself renders quite fine, though image is of really low quality. If your CV does not holds a photos, this can work for you.
Once again, after some googling, i had found an article which shows that direct PDF rendering via iframe producing much higher quality. So, we need to upload a document at direct file storage, let it be a Dropbox.


As easy as before: just drag your PDF to the dropbox Public folder and that's it. Uploaded file is looking quite fine, both PDF and photo: 
The last problem is that user still needs an extra click to reach a Dropbox from the LinkedIn profile. So, this is up to you to decide which tools to use. My selection is a Dropbox, as quality and usability are much higher than using native LinkedIn "upload file" approach.

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