вторник, 3 июля 2012 г.

Unity3D colliders benchmark

All tests were done on an intel core2duo 3ghz imac with no rendering, just physics.

Static colliders seem to have such a minimal impact on performance, Upto 60,000 and beyond of all different colliders were causing no noticable effect on the frame time (<3ms)

So I tried testing dynamic colliders instead, much more challenging.

Remember this is just physics, your renderer would bottleneck way before reaching 2500 individual objects.

Dynamic Tests:
500 Colliders
Capsule 2.1ms
Box 2.6ms
Sphere 2ms

1000 Colliders
Capsule 5.6ms
Box 5.8ms
Sphere 2.9ms

1500 Colliders
Capsule 16.1ms
Box 20.5ms
Sphere 4.8ms

2500 Colliders
Capsule 453-481ms
Box 490-520ms
Sphere 190-233ms

So there you have it, across the board capsule actually beats box but not by a huge amount, and sphere obviously kicks everyones ass.

Src: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/34254-Capsule-vs-Box-Colliders

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